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international news _ 19th September, 2006

Taxi Touts Arrested In Ibiza Street Killing

Text by Jonty Skrufff (Skrufff.com)

Cops in Ibiza have charged three Spanish men in connection with the death of English clubber William Hall, 22, who died a fortnight ago after being attacked outside DC10 nightclub.

Stephen’s mother Anna blamed the culture of binge drinking for leading to her son’s death, and stressed he was an entirely innocent victim.

“I don’t want it said he was involved in a fight or brawl at all,” Mrs Hall told the Somerset County Gazette.

“They (William and his brother George) were trying to get a taxi home when a guy said to Will, 'this is a taxi, get in it'. George was down the road trying to get a taxi elsewhere. Within no time at all someone had got in the car beating him up, saying 'this isn’t a taxi' and starting to hit his face. He wasn’t kicked to death or involved in any fight, it was a completely unprovoked attack,” she added.

Her explanation matched that of DC10 chief Andrea Pelino, who told Skrufff this week the attack happened several hours after DC10 had shut, though had been partially witnessed by one of the club’s cleaning staff.

“Two English guys who had been in the club were walking along the Salinas road, hours after the club had finished and I understand stopped a car with some Spanish guys and said ‘hey, can you bring us to Ibiza’,” said Andrea.

“The guys said OK, you can jump in the car’ then when the English jumped in the car they said ‘hey what are you doing, get out’ and punched him in the face two or three times. The Spanish guys weren’t in DC10 they were illegal taxi drivers who drive round the island,” he added.

“He (Will) was a student going back to do his masters [degree] in London and it's all a complete waste, all for nothing,” William’s father told the BBC, “Wrong place, wrong time and a very wrong outcome."

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