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international news _ 6th September, 2006

English Clubber Killed Outside DC10

Text by Jonty Skrufff (Skrufff.com)

A 22-year-old former public schoolboy died in Ibiza this week, three days after being savagely beaten outside the DC10 nightclub in Salinas.

William Hall was reportedly repeatedly kicked in the head repeatedly after becoming involved in a fight and checked himself into Can Misses Hospital last Saturday (August 26) after suffering a serious nosebleed. According to press reports he returned to the hospital three days later suffering from haemorrhaging and severe headaches, where he collapsed and died.

School friends of the London University graduate, who was with his brother when he was beaten, described him as unassuming and quiet, as did his public school headmaster Chris Alcock.

"William is remembered at Queen's as a quiet, hard-working and considerate boy - characteristics that make the news of his death all the more shocking,” the headmaster told the Standard.

“He was popular with teachers and fellow pupils.”

In more club killing news, London nightspot Egg, issued a statement offering their condolences to the family and friends of 18 year old Sharif Zaiden, who was gunned down on the dance floor of the King’s Cross club two weeks ago.

“The incident occurred during a one off private party that was held away from the main body of the club. The main club night held on Friday was not affected by the incident. The function room is hired out privately, has its own entrance and its own separate security,” Egg’s statement said.

“We are all deeply shocked and horrified that such an incident should take place on the premises and should like to assure all those concerned that we will be cop-operating fully with the Police and other authorities during those investigations. It would be inappropriate for us to comment further,” they added.

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