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international news _ 27th November, 2006

Crobar New York To Close?

Text by Jonty Skrufff (Skrufff.com)

Manhattan nightlife faced another potentially crushing blow this week as the New York Post suggested Crobar is being ‘pushed out’ of the City.

“Crobar owners Kenny Smith and Cal Fortis may be forced to say goodbye to their West Chelsea nightclub,” the usually fairly reliable tabloid claimed.

“Page Six hears its financial backers are pulling the plug.”

No further information has yet emerged though Pacha New York chief Eddie Dean urged caution about the story.

“It sounds like the Crobar guys may be out but the investors are going to try and jumpstart the venue under a different name,” Eddie told Skrufff, “To say it is closing could be a bit pre-mature and misleading.”

He admitted, however, that he viewed the story with alarm, saying ‘it is never good when a big club like Crobar closes. Crobar really lead the way for the modern day "Big Club" in New York City’.

“The climate towards clubs has become really politicized,” said Eddie, “Until the NYPD (New York Police Department) sits down with the City’s nightlife leaders and comes up with a united plan it will be tough. We need to create a procedure that allows the clubs and the police to work together harmoniously,” he suggested.

Despite his concerns, the highly experienced club promoter insisted Pacha has a ‘very good’ relationship with NYPD as the Chelsea club approaches its first birthday.

“We had a bad break at the public grand opening, when the actor Robert Iller, who plays Tony Junior from The Sopranos, was photographed by paparazzi drinking from a vodka bottle in the club, despite being 20,” he admitted, “And the NYPD responded by doing a very over zealous inspection.”

“Though now that he’s 21, I’ve actually just confirmed that Iller and his co-star Jamie Lynn Sigler, who plays Meadow from The Sopranos, will be co-hosting our one year party on December 16th sponsored by FHM Magazine. We're going to do a little spoof on the situation,” he laughed.

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