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international news _20th December, 2005

Pacha Hosts Impromptu Police Party

On the tenth of this month the legendary clubbing brand, Pacha, opened a franchise in none other than New York City. The move was welcomed by many who believe that the once overflowing nightlife has now been reduced to a stagnant pool. Unfortunately, not everyone in New York was so happy with the club opening it's doors with policemen storming the building and having the venue shutdown by 2am. Apparently, officials at the State Liquor Authority weren't overly happy with the club's stance on underage drinking.

Two days prior to the official opening VIPs and celebrities had been invited to Pacha to celebrate it's arrival in the States. Press were of course on hand but unfortunately for the club's promoters they managed to get a few snapshots of 20 year old actor Robert Iler (from TV drama Sopranos) drinking from a bottle of vodka. The photos of course found there way into the newspaper the next day which is most likely what caused the State Liquor Authority to get into a huff and eventually have the club closed on opening night leaving hundreds of punters left standing out in the cold. Despite the incident the club was allowed to open the very next night.

Text : Nick Lawrence

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