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international news _ 14th November, 2006

Indian Psy-Trance Spectacular Shut Down

Text by Jonty Skrufff (Skrufff.com)

Indian cops broke up a high tech rave in the middle of the desert in Rajasthan this week, after villagers complained about revellers ‘drinking, taking drugs and indulging in “indecent behaviour”, The Times reported this week.

3,000 partygoers paid £30 each for the highly organised four night event called Moondust, which organisers billed as 'a feast for all your senses, set in the beautiful mountains of the ancient Aravali ranges’. The party offered music by local and international psy-trance artists, children’s crèches, fresh food markets, showers and a medical centre, and urged revellers to follow strict recycling procedures throughout the 10 acre compound.

‘Bring a smile, some good vibes and your dancing shoes and get involved with the mystic powers in the land of lord Shiva,” said Moondust on their site, adding ‘the hospitality extended by Rajasthan shall be absolutely impeccable’.

In the event cops closed down the party on just its second night at 3am, with excessive noise also a problem, said The Times.

“Norms are being flouted and the permission limits have been flouted,” local judge D. N. Pandey told the newspaper, “We have been given permission by the magistrate to investigate the matter.”

The latest bust followed comments last week by Goa police chief Brijendra Singh Brar that drug using ravers are ‘worse than terrorists’, because they influence Indian youth, though a new study of Indian young men out this week revealed that many are already sexually experienced and adventurous.

According to the poll of 2,559 unmarried men between the ages of 16 to 25 in 11 Indian cities carried out for India Today last week, 34% admitted they’d happily have sex ‘anywhere, anytime’, while 37% (2 in 5) owned up to having ‘at least one homosexual experience (Gay.com).

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