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international news _ 9th November, 2006

Goa Cops Brand Raves ‘Worse Than Terrorism’

Text by Jonty Skrufff (Skrufff.com)

Goa police chief Brijendra Singh Brar announced he’ll be deploying sniffer dogs and bomb disposal squads to crackdown on raves over the upcoming Indian holiday season, as part of a new ‘zero tolerance’ style campaign.

“The Goa police will deal with a firm hand the drug menace in the state. It is the worst type of terrorism. Drugs destroy our youth,” The Director General of Police told reporters at a film festival press conference.

“There is no need to panic. We have initiated many steps with regard to terror threats,” he promised (Navhind Times).

His announcement came just days after local newspaper the Goa Herald accused local politicians of routinely sabotaging previous anti-rave efforts, in a bitter editorial.

“Some politicians decide to step in, the local Police Inspector gets a phone call at the local police station and everything is conveniently ignored. And the same noise and trouble continues for the people of that area,” the Herald claimed.

“What does the police do in such a situation when the common man is harassed in such a fashion? What happens when the local police station refuses to accept the complaint of residents, who are disturbed by a restaurant because a politician is associated with it?” they asked.

As long as ten years ago, local residents were campaigning to ban raves, including anti-party activist group Citizens Concerned About Tourism (CCAT) who wrote to India’s then Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi in 1996 saying hippies had virtually taken over Goa.

“They lie around nude on our beaches and practice and propagate free love and free sex,” CCAT complained, in the letter.

“Drugs are an integral part of their relaxed way of life. They are parasites who thrive by sucking the life-blood of our nation- Our youth,” they added (UNESCO Courier)