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international news _ 30th March, 2007

Digitalism- The New Daft Punk?

Text by Jonty Skrufff (Skrufff.com)

Hotly tipped maximal rock/rave duo Digitalism chatted to Skrufff this week about their meteoric rise to the top, and revealed they’re more than happy to admit to wanting to be as big as Daft Punk.

"If we get the chance, then, yes, why not?" Jens told Skrufff, "We met them at Global Gathering last year for the first time, when we played there and they were really nice, friendly and shy."

"I see us and Justice and a few other producers as being a new generation," Jen's bandmate Isi agreed. "The last time it happened was ten years ago when bands like Basement Jaxx, Daft Punk and the Prodigy emerged, they are still there and really, really good but for then years there hasn't been any young people coming through."

Digitalism first emerged via uber-hip French label Kitsune who snapped up their 20,000 selling debut single Zdarlight going on to release Jupiter Room, their scarily powerful dancefoor destroyer that was one the biggest new rave anthems of 2006. More recently, the duo were signed by Chemical Brothers/ Daft Punk label Virgin, who shortly release new single Pogo and their equally anticipated new album Idealism.

"The album is called Idealism because it's about doing the best you can and getting 100% out of what you do. Otherwise, it could get boring. That's why we don't do deep music," Jens explained.

The Hamburg based duo admitted they remain far more recognised outside their home country, with minimal a scene they have no connection with,

"We're not really involved in the whole German techno club, our music is also different. We're not really involved in all those networks like Sven Vath's or those guys," said Jens.

"Also there's always been some kind of beef between Hamburg and Berlin and people from Hamburg don't really like people from Berlin and vice versa. We've not really been in Berlin much so far."

The duo play Rio in Berlin in Friday March 30 followed by US dates and a UK slot at Fabric in April. Pogo and Idealism are out shortly, on Virgin/ Kitsune.

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