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Fatboy Slim

international news _ 17th March, 2006

Fatboy Slim Heads Back to the Beach

Text by Nick Lawrence (HigherFrequency)

About to set off on his tour of South Africa Norman Cook aka Fatboy Slim has announced that he will be heading back to the beach this time in Portrush, Northern Ireland. The gig promises spectacular views of nearby Dunluce Castle which will be welcomed by those fans sick of craning their necks trying to catch a glimpse of Slim on one of the jumbo vision screens.

Cook held his last beach party in the UK back in 2002 when his Big Beach Boutique 2 attracted an impressive 250,000 fans to his hometown of Brighton. Just two years later though this figure was dwarfed by the 360,000 strong audience that turned out to witness him perform in Rio. More recently Fatboy Slim was spotted ringing in the New Year on Australia's Bondi Beach in front of more modestly sized crowds.

With Cook releasing a retrospective CD in summer this year the June 17th Portrush gig couldn't come at a better time. The best of disc will include old favourites like 'Rockafeller Skank' and 'Gangster Tripping' as well as some newer tracks from 2004's "Palookaville".

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