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Ten Years/Who Cares?

international news _ 18th June, 2007

10 Year Kollektiv

Text by Len Iima (HigherFrequency)

Berliners Jazzanova formed Sonar Kollektiv with a wide cast of characters which included musicians, DJs, graph designers, artists, and even some friends and family. Coming up to their tenth year in the business, they are marking the occasion with a two disc compilation.

Disc one is a collection of all the best from the past ten years with a chilled out feel. The second comes premixed by the Jazzanova crew and steps the beat up a bit. With artistry written all over this one, long time fans as well as first time listeners with no doubt be impressed.

"Ten Years / Who Cares?" will be released June 18th.

Disc One
01. Extended Spirit / Fadin' In
02. Forss / Using Splashes
03. Micatone / Quiet Boy
04. Joe Dukie And DJ Fitchie / Midnight Marauders
05. Nuspirit Helsinki / Seis Por Ocho (Azymuth Live! / Rejam)
06. Ras / Beat De La Romantique
07. Outlines / Just A Lil' Lovin' (Album version)
08. Sirius Mo / U-Again
09. Soulphiction / Used
10. Dimlite / Back to the Universe (Slapped Eyeballers Remix)
11. Thief / Hold On, Hold On
12. Lightning Head / Me And Me Princess
13. Umod / Rest With You
14. Fat Freddys Drop / Flashback (Jazzanova’s Mashed Bag)
15. Soul Quality Quartet / I'm Not Here
16. Jazzanova / Let Your Heart Be Free (2007 Edit)
17. Benny Sings / Little Donna /

Disc Two
01. Jazzanova / That Night (Wahoo Remix)
02. Ame / Sarari
03. ISoul8 feat. Diamondancer / Just The Way I Like It
04. Extended Spirit / Propulsion (AVDC by Dixon Remix)
05. Platnum / Sweet City (Soulphiction Remix)
06. Sequel / I've Been Waiting
07. Solar System / Careless Butterfly (Wahoo Remix)
08. Markus Enochson / For You To See (Tiger Stripes Remix Vox)
09. Kabuki feat. Cleveland Watkiss / After The Fire
10. Tokyo Black Star feat. Rich Medina / Black Star
11. Moonstarr / Detriot
12. Arken / Arken 10
13. Slope / Komputa Groove
14. Georg Levin feat. Clara Hill / (I Got) Somebody New

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