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Sao Paulo Pride

international news _ 15th June, 2007

Millions Rave at Sao Paulo Pride

Text by Jonty Skrufff (Skrufff.com)

Over three and a half million revellers packed the streets around Sao Paulo's Avenida Paulista last weekend to celebrate the city's annual Gay Pride Parade.

Local electro diva/ girl about town Alisson Gothz told Skrufff the parade was 'faaaaaabulous' with even amazing weather ('who said God doesn't like fags?' she quipped.)

"The whole city went gay gay GAY for the entire weekend," Alisson added,

"The crowd itself was full of colourful drag queens, naked transvestites, muscled guys with marine/military outfits, moms/dads and their kids, goths, emo kids, punks, bears, ravers and old ladies with umbrellas... and that's the greatest thing about this Parade, it's like a huge melting pot of lifestyles and cultures," she said,

"This is the biggest parade on the planet," local tourism chief Marta Suplicy agreed, "Our city is showing, once again, its respect for diversity." (Associated Press).

Skrufff contributor/DJ Camilo Rocha (who couldn’t attend as he was DJing) spoke enthusiastically about the Parade though cautioned 'this year saw many complaints that it has diluted itself too much, with large amounts of non-gays going. The classic 'it ain't like it used to be' was heard a lot."

"It has never been so mainstream," Camilo added, "With loads of politicians, government officials and representatives from religious groups supporting and going there (or cashing in, depending on the case)."

The huge level of support from Brazil's authorities and local religious groups contrasted markedly with circumstances in Israel where religious zealots from the ultra orthodox Eda Haredit sect this week issued a curse against Jerusalem's upcoming Pride demonstration, which is scheduled to take place on June 21st,.

"To all those involved, sinners in spirit, and whoever helps and protects them, may they feel a curse on their souls," the sect pledged in a widely circulated letter, "May it plague them and may evil pursue them, they will not be requitted of their transgressions from heavenly judgment." (Israel Today.)

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