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Neu Rave

international news _ 14th June, 2007

Berlin Neu Rave's Minimal Impact

Text by Jonty Skrufff (Skrufff.com)

Berlin new rave/ mash-up maestro Shir Khan chatted to Skrufff this week about the state of Berlin's club scene and said that minimal techno continues to dominate the city's musical landscape.

"It's funny because everyone from the techno-minimal scene tells me that they hate minimal and they don't want to hear it any more, then you go to those clubs like Arena Bar or Panorama Bar, maybe not so much Panorama, it's not quite so minimal, but all those places that claim not to be minimal, when you go there it's all minimal," he laughed.

"Everyone's telling me 'minimal sucks'-you see T shirts saying 'Kill Minimal' it's quite trendy to say minimal is out but it's still actually really big."

Carving out his own niche as a mash-up, then electroclash and now neu rave DJ, Khan is currently riding high on the white hot baile funk/ electro crossover, courtesy of his stunningly good remix of Bonde Do Role's new single Office Boy, though stressed Berlin has still to catch up.

"Everyone talks about neu rave but I don't think we actually have a scene in Berlin. You get parties where they try and imitate this style but I don't think it's really working out, you get parties with glow sticks and the new rave fashion side but people are really just trying to imitate it".

"In the intellectual press here new rave gets a lot of disrespect," he added, "It's either just starting or maybe it's even already been killed by the media because they're saying the big fuss about neu rave has already gone, particularly in the UK".

Bonde Del Role's Office Boy is out shortly.

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