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The Hacker

international news _ 7th June, 2007

The Hacker's Better Neon Way

Text by Jonty Skrufff (Skrufff.com)

French electro-tech star The Hacker has teamed up with Belgium EBM pioneer Dirk Da Navo (aka Neon Electronics) and releases a new EP Better Way at the end of June. The track, which has been remixed by David Caretta and Franz & Shape, combines heavy pounding retro sounding rhythms with electroclash elements and sounds reflecting The Hackerís determination to follow his own path.

"I'm not the kind of person who suddenly starts saying 'Oh now I don't like something, just because it's been hyped and is suddenly in fashion," he told Skrufff when quizzed about his place in electroclash when the genre was at its peak.

"Before electroclash we were playing electro but I don't want to be trapped by this word," he added, "When the hype fades away I don't want to fade away with it. I would describe my music as being somewhere between electro and techno with a pop feeling to it," he said.

The Grenoble producer also chatted wisely about his media fame and profile after his collaborations with Miss Kittin established him as one of France's most popular electronic producers.

"Suddenly everybody likes your music when two weeks before they didn't know who you were," he mused, "Me and Miss Kittin avoided falling into the fame trap, because we knew how we started and where we come from and I think it's important to keep this attitude, rather than suddenly feeling like 'yeah, I'm the best, I'm number one, blah blah blah. We were aware of that trap and we tried to stay normal."

'Neon Electronics Vs The Hacker: Better Way' is out on June 25 on Destination Records.

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