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international news _ 19th January, 2007

The Tenth From Hell

Text by Nick Lawrence (HigherFrequency)

DJ Hell will once again put on his captainís hat this year to guide his crew safely home with the two CD compilation "International Deejay Gigolos CD Ten".

Over the two discs the one and only dominator, Hell, selects a whole variety of previously unreleased goodness including tacks from Swedish producer Dibaba, the Depeche Mode remixing Huntemann, and Australian electro-indie-pop duo the Presets whose debut album "Beams" was released on International Deejay Gigolo in 2006 after an initial release on Aussie label Modular Recordings in 2005.

"International Deejay Gigolos Ten" will be released sometime in March, but if you canít wait until then check out DJ Hellís recent "Misch Masch vol. 3" with its eerily familiar tracklisting.

Disc One
01. Woody / August (Appetizer Version)
02. Kikumoto Allstars / Jack The House
03. Sebastien San / Point Of No Return Pt. 1 [Edit]
04. Outlander / The Vamp (Kevin Gorman Remix)
05. Mount Sims / Nailed To The Wall
06. Herman Schwartz / Replicantís Suffering
07. Lady B / Exhausted [Edit]
08. Evol / Cars (ZK Mix) [Edit]
09. Paul Chambers / Bitter Cliche
10. Foremost Poets / Reasons To Be Dismal? (Late Night Blunt Mix)
11. Voltique / Supersmile
12. Felizol / Another Night In A Rented Room [Edit 2006]
13. Moonbeam presents Pak&Vak / Vision [Main Mix]

Disc Two
01. Kevin Gorman / DMX
02. Jamie Anderson & Jesse Rose / Jack Your Body (Body Jackiní)
03. Inge Neuss / Dirty Deal
04. Dibaba / Happy Birthday Mr. President
05. Huntemann / 37į
06. Sebastien San / Wuxia (Dub Mix)
07. Igors Vorobjovs / Intelegencija
08. Human Resource / Dominator (Is Hell The One And Only Dominator? DJ Hell Dub Mix)
09. The Presets / Are You The One?
10. Rebecca Von Kalinowsky / Dance
11. Arbotique / Chin Eater
12. The Model / You Are Always On My Mind
13. The Activator / Hate Lazer City

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