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international news _ 30th January, 2006

Paralysed Pacha Girl's Crusher In Court

Text by Jonty Skrufff (Skrufff.com)

A 17 stone man who crushed and paralysed a girl after falling off a balcony at Pacha London and landing on top of her, pleaded Not Guilty to a charge of grievous bodily harm (GBH) this week, claiming his fall had been accidental.

Prosecuting lawyer Louis French described how Philip Brady, 24, had drunk 8 pints of beer, vodka and taken ecstasy on a pub crawl earlier that night, before allegedly diving off the balcony and crushing Ms Mack as she stood on the edge of the dance floor below. The 31 year old beautician, who'd arrived in the club just 20 minutes earlier was immediately paralysed, and 18 months on remains a tetraplegic.

"Her prognosis is such that she will never be able to walk again. She remains fully dependant on others", Mr French, told the Court. "She can move her head and flex her right elbow and she has some feeling in her shoulder otherwise she has no sensation at all."

Mr Brady, who was arrested several hours later when police spotted him drunkenly kicking a bin in the middle of the street, denied witness reports he'd deliberately jumped, claiming he'd sat on the balcony edge after feeling tired and toppled over.

"In a split second I just felt myself go. I don't know myself just how it happened," he said, "I tried to stop myself but there was just nothing there to do it."(BBC)

The case continues.

In happier new for the upmarket London nightspot, Pacha have announced details of a modelling competition for girls interested in becoming the new 'face' of Pacha London, which starts on Friday February 3rd. Wannabe models are being invited to visit the club's Friday night Smoke parties in February and March, where they'll be invited to fill out an application form and be photographed. 15 girls will then be selected for a catwalk competition on Friday 31st March at the club, judged by various fashion luminaries.

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