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international news_ Jonty Skrufff _ 20th January 2005

Hundreds Of Malaysian Ravers Start New Year In Jail

Scores of cops raided Malaysia club the Techno Discotheque in Bandar Sri Damansara on New Years Day, drug testing patrons then arresting 261 clubbers who tested positive for ecstasy.

According to the country's main quality newspaper The New Straits Times, the clubbers were held in jail until January 6, when they were taken in four police trucks to the court and held in a courtyard under armed guard during the daylong proceedings. Some were later released on bail though many were sent back to jail on remand or to await sentencing.

According to the Drug War Chronicle, the raid was aimed at catching middle class locals and foreign tourists and was the latest in a series of busts sweeping the South East Asian country. Official British travel advice for Malaysia warns that drug users risk mandatory death penalties if caught with more than certain amounts, and jail sentences and whipping for minor offences.

"This also includes the possession of or trafficking in Amphetamine-type stimulants," the Foreign Office advise.

"You could be asked to take a urine test on arrival in Malaysia if you are suspected of having used drugs before your visit. Should the test prove positive, you could be referred for rehabilitation treatment or be deported," they warn.

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