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international news _ 28th February, 2007

Louis Osbourne Lashes Manchester

Text by Jonty Skrufff (Skrufff.com)

Birmingham born DJ Louis Osbourne emailed Skrufff this week about our recent story about Manchester being England's second city, to stress he disagrees completely with comments by Steve Lawler, Mark Reeder and Guy Called Gerald that Mancunians are great.

"I think Manchester sucks personally, they're all so f**king cocky, to be honest", Louis stormed.

"Just because they've had a couple of good bands and one good football team (Man City? Ed) they think they’re the bollocks", he continued, "Well bollocks I say; we had the industrial revolution!"

His claims were savaged by Londoner in Manchester Simon Morrison, one of the city’s top music PRs who also writes round-the-world club features for DJ Magazine.

"They are cocky here and they love it; but they are charmingly cocky", Simon cooed.

"Mancunians live life with a Gallagher-esque swagger - shaggy hair, glasses down, loose cigarette limp from lip, two fingers up at the world. They think they've got the best home town in the country and they're right", he gushed.

Simon even clamed Manchester as the 'birthplace of the Industrial Revolution - now those Satanic mills and warehouses are home to bars, and apartments, and businesses' and ridiculed Louis' hometown, with typical Mancunian wit.

Louis suggested contacting Bugged Out chief Johnno for another anti-Manchester view (he's Brummie by origin who had lot's of dealings and has lived in Manchester) though in the event, the erstwhile editor of Jockey Slut sided more with Simon.

"I'm a Brummie Manc Cockney", Johnno told Skrufff, "I lived in Manchester for ten years, moving there to study in 1989 and experiencing the glorious days of the Hacienda and Madchester. Suitably inspired I started Bugged Out and Jockey Slut and lived there for ten years. It’s still the most exciting place outside of London", he claimed.

His views matched those of Berlin based Manc Guy Called Gerald, who told Skrufff last week "I think the problem with Birmingham is it's just too big. Even going into the city centre in Manchester was just like going down to the local shops. I feel privileged and thankful to have be born in Manchester".

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