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international news _ 22nd February, 2007

Christopher Lawrence Crashes In Moscow

Text by Len Iima (HigherFrequency)

What started out as a Techno night in 1993 has evolved into a well known name among club music enthusiasts. Gatecrasher built up its reputation by throwing events around the UK, it eventually got its own space called Gatecrasher 1 which still packs out on a regular basis.

After their success in the UK, it was inevitable that they would spread out globally. This expansion came in the form of several large scale events like Summer Sound System, Fort Dance and Gatecrasher Live Ibiza at Eden.

Not only famous for their events but their compilations as well, Gatecrasher has released over 17 albums. Their latest was recorded at the Gaudi Arena in Moscow, with top American DJ Christopher Lawrence behind the wheels of steel (and/or his laptop).

"Gatecrasher Live: Christopher Lawrence Live In Moscow" will be released on March 19th.

Disc One
01. Activa / Perception
02. Dan Stone / Made in Bahrain
03. Kaveh Azizi Presents Rhythmia / Tabriz
04. Astralis / Solar Flare
05. Vibrasphere / Landmark
06. U-Recken / Dominator
07. Tikal Vs Polaris / Dynamic Swell Part 2
08. Sunrize Vs Magnetik Fusion / Offender
09. Sunrize / Connexions
10. Basic vs Echotek / Mind Factor
11. Pleiadians / Vimana Pt 2

Disc Two
01. Yuri Lima aka Nuclear Device / New Technologies
02. Tikal / Experience
03. Project FM / Kickwave
04. Christopher Lawrence and John Fleming / Beyond the Limit
05. Protoculture / Driven
06. John 00 Fleming / Rasa-Lila
07. Lee Haslam / The Future
08. Lee Haslam / Checkmate
09. John 00 Fleming & Digital Blonde / Fused
10. Nick Rowland / Awakening
11. Jussi Soro / Backlash Original
12. Sean Tyas / Lift

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