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international news _ 13th February, 2007

Joakim: I Donít Hate Electro

Text by Jonty Skrufff (Skrufff.com)

Hotly tipped French electro-tech star Joakim chatted to Skrufff this week about his upcoming artist album 'Monsters & Silly Songs' and retracted a statement on website family-house.net saying he hates acid house and electro.

"That little phrase was found by many people but it was just a joke; I was extremely surprised how many people took it seriously," Joakim insisted, "Because of course I love it. I completely love acid house and also electro."

The Paris based producer admitted he's aiming his new album towards America and England ahead of France, where he said reactions to his music are more ambiguous than elsewhere.

"I guess I'm better known in France as there aren't so many other producers here but on the other hand not many people ask me to do musical projects here, compared to England. All the remix requests I get always come from England or Germany or the US," said Joakim.

"Maybe more people know me in France but maybe less people like what I do here?" he mused.

His experiences matched those of French band Air, who chatting to Skrufff several years ago admitted that France was the last country to appreciate them after their debut Moon Safari sold millions around the world, with pop stardom reviled more than revered.

"The fame that comes with pop music is sad and ridiculous," Nicolas Godin told Skrufff.

"Actually, from a French point of view, it's not cool to be a pop star at all, it's seen as being very conventional. And not very original," he added.

'Monsters & Silly Songs' is out shortly on Studio K7.

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