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international news _ 27th February, 2006

Hi-fi South: Not The New Homelands

Text by Jonty Skrufff (Skrufff.com) _ Photo by Paul Underhill (www.paulunderhill.com)

Global Gathering/ Godskitchen chief James Algate chatted to Skrufff this week about his group's two new festivals Hi-fi North and Hi-Fi South and conceded that Hi-Fi South will bear some comparisons with the event it's effectively replacing; Homelands.

"Yes, huge coincidences have happened and certain parts of the event are going to be similar: there's going to be tents in a field with 25,000 people there, and it's happening on the same weekend on the same site, so it's always going to be compared to Homelands or branded as 'the New Homelands' for this year certainly," he admitted.

"But musically I think it's going to be incredibly different. If you look at the line-up that we've produced compared to their line-up from last year there's about 15 acts that are playing at both events- out of 150 that's a small crossover percentage. And with the addition of camping that's something that was never tried at Homelands. We'll be bringing the concept that's worked so well at Global Gathering to the Winchester site," he said.

The concept includes mixing up rock performers like Ian Brown, Hard-Fi and Subways alongside big name DJs including Sasha & Digweed, Oakenfold and 2 Many DJs, with revellers will be able to buy single day tickets or weekender passes which include camping facilities. Music stops on both nights at 4am, and fans can also buy 'VIP' tickets offering access to a separate enclosure; a policy James insisted won't devalue the VIP concept.

"We've done it for the last couple of years at Global Gathering and it's worked incredibly well," he explained, "We offer viewing platforms for the main stage and give people something extra in there, basically."

Quite how many VIPs will be in the area remains unclear, as James conceded the site will also include a 'VVIP' space that isn't accessible to revellers, that will presumably cater for performers and DJs less keen on mingling with the (richer) masses.

Both new events are being co-produced by Live Venture (the US company also known as Clear Channel)

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