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international news _12th Decemober, 2005

Push The Button to Download

The Chemical Brothers have recently released a new three track EP available only as a digital download. It has been dubbed Live 05 and features three live recordings from gigs during yet another successful year for the duo. The tracks that feature on the EP are Close Your Eyes, Surface to Air, and the Big Jump which are all definite crowd favourites. The EP is available on the Chemical Brothers' official site as well as through other major digital download sites. The release ties in nicely with the group's final few live dates of a year that saw the lovable dweeb producers tour not only their homeland but all the major hotspots of Europe such as Spain, Switzerland, France, Germany and Portugal.

This move by the Chemical Brothers is by no stretch of the imagination something new. Just a few month ago Tiesto offered his fans fourteen remixed tracks exclusively through iTunes. More and more artists are now obviously realising that they have to diversify their methods of releasing new (and in this case, old) material. Digital downloads are providing the record companies with yet another clever way to alleviate listeners of their hard earned cash. Although with the Chemical Brothers charging just 2.99 pounds for the Live 05 EP you don't have to worry about running out of savings just yet.

Text : Nick Lawrence

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