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international news _ 5th October, 2005

Tiesto Snubs CD Buying Public

Following on from his release of Just Be and Parade of the Athletes, to hugely popular albums from last year Tiesto has this last week released a new album. This time however the three time DJ Mag Top 100 winner has shunned the world of optical media in favour of an iTunes exclusive digital release. Called Just Be- Remixed, the iTunes release sees fourteen new remixes of tracks from 2004's Just Be made available through the wonderful world of technology. Among the multitude of remixes are new reworks from the likes of Junkie XL and Leama Moor on tracks such as UR and A Tear in the Open.

Heralded as a chance for Tiesto fans to get their grubby little hands on elusive track remixes, the savvier onlooker may judge this move by Tiesto and Apple as an attempt to win back some business from customers potentially lost to the world of illegal file sharing. Whatever the reasons behind this latest move by Tiesto, it is yet one more addition to the growing number of reports by Higher Frequency on growing support for digital music. (Nick Lawrence)

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