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international news_ Jonty Skrufff _ 27th December, 2004

Oakenfold Escapes His (Un) Safe European Home

MTV reported this week that Paul Oakenfold has relocated to Los Angeles from his central London home next door to Tony Blair's new house, apparently to concentrate on movie soundtracks.

Oakey's decision to physically distance himself from Britain's top warmonger also means he'll be safe from London's increasingly violent common criminals, some of whom turned up right outside Oakey's front door last week, according to yellow scene of crime alert boards which have popped up around the Paddington square.

"On Tuesday 30th November 7.30pm a man was seriously assaulted by a number of other males in Connaught Square," the Metropolitan police boards baldy reveal. "If you witnessed anything, please contact the police on 0207 321 8553."

In more troubling news for the superstar DJ, Oakey's father-in-law Vincenzo Costa issued court papers this week suing Rod Stewart, following an incident at the Scottish pop rock legend's recent gig at the Hollywood Bowl. According to press reports, Mr Costa alleges he suffered concussion and went into convulsions after Stewart kicked a soccer ball into the crowd, which struck him on the head.

'Dad was in an awful state," Oakey's wife Angela told the Daily Record. "I was terrified he'd have a heart attack."

Mr Costa is reportedly claiming medical costs over the incident which the court papers describe as an 'unprovoked and unwarranted assault and battery'. (Jonty Skrufff / Skrufff.com)

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