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international news_ 22nd December, 2004

Simple Records Volume 1

Bringing together some of the UK's finest new electronic talent Simple Records has built itself a strong reputation in it's two year lifetime for quality releases and so now the time has come to release a compilation album to push the label's sounds to music fans en masse.

Mixed and produced by the labels A&R man who also happens to be a shit hot DJ Will Saul is one of the founders of the label as well as contributing artist who has featured no less than 4 of his own tracks, (one remixed by Infusion) on the album. Blended together using Ableton Live 4, a piece of software that's fast becoming a firm favourite by producers and DJ's alike it enabled Will to mix tracks that would otherwise have been impossible to combine.

Made up of tracks by the labels mainstay artists, Sideshow, Will Saul, Walkner.Hintenaus and Precision Cuts with remixes by Mathew Jonson, Fink, Christian J and of course Infusion the album is a fine introduction to both the labels sound as well as some of the best contemporary electronic artists around today.

Out on the 7th Febuary 2005


Sideshow - Waiting in the Darkness
Sideshow - Sound of Today
Will Saul - Fast Lane (Fink Remix)
Sideshow - Slide (Mathew Jonson Remix)
Walkner.Hintenaus - Karma
Will Saul - Digital Watch
Precision Cuts - Xylophone
Will Saul - Malfunction
Precision Cuts - Royal Flush
Walkner.Hintenaus - Pinrose (Christian J Remix)
Will Saul - Cliff (Infusion Remix)

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