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Felix Da Housecat

international news_ Jonty Skrufff _ 14th December, 2004

Felix Da HouseCat Focuses On Funk

Chicago uber-producer Felix Da House announced this week that he'll be returning to his 'underground' roots for his next album, ditching rock and electroclash for 70s style disco-funk.

"I want the next one to be more of a 'black' album, where the music funks and grooves," the one-time electroclash pioneer told Australian newspaper The Age.

"I want to do an album that's more like Chic, or Sylvester, or Sly and the Family Stone, or Prince's Dirty Mind," he said.

Felix's new musical direction could have dire consequences for retro disco, given his well-known enthusiasm for ditching styles as soon as he's embraced them.

"I always say; 'never get caught up in a trend, 'cause when the trend dies, you die with it''," he told Inthemix.com last month, an attitude he also demonstrated in 2002 when he was first hailed as the godfather of electroclash.

"I give electroclash two years. It's going to get big, but by the time it does I'll have walked away and done something totally new," he told The Times.

"As soon as one major label gets a sniff of it, you can kiss it goodbye." (Jonty Skrufff / Skrufff.com)

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