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international news _ 20th April, 2007

Indian Cop Brands Ravers 'Dangerous Anarchists'

Text by Jonty Skrufff (Skrufff.com)

IT experts, airline staff and high society young people who were arrested for attending a trance party in Pune last month were pilloried by local police chief Vishwas Nangre-Patil this week, using inflammatory quotes made by Czech Republic Prime Minister Jiri Paroubek in 2005.

Mr Pitil, who used the internet to locate the party before raiding it and arresting all 287 people present, presumably used Google again this week, quoting Mr Paroubek's bizarre description of mainly Czech free party revelers, who fought back when riot police attacked them with water cannons, batons and tear gas.

"These are not dancing children but dangerous people obsessed with anarchist proclivities with international links who provoke massive violent demonstrations, fuelled by alcohol and drugs, against a peaceful society," Mr Patil quoted 'Czech authorities' as saying, as he revealed to local media that 249 of the revellers tested positive for drugs.

Villagers near to the party's location in Donje, meanwhile, responded to the now notorious party by staging a ceremony to 'purify the location to purge the picnic spot of any evil influence due to the mass drug abuse that took place early last month', India Express reported.

In more Indian party news, Big Chill festival organizer Pete Lawrence staged a press conference introducing their upcoming 2 day event in Goa this weekend (April 13/ 14) at which he distanced himself pointedly from the local psy-trance scene.

"There has always been a trans-party image about Goan events. This time, we are bringing in all kinds of art and music right from Indian classical to folk. We aim to touch the souls," Pete explained, "Our USP (unique selling point) is that this is a family festival." (Hindu News Update)

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