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international news _ 18th April, 2007

Motor Bad-Mouth Mixmag

Text by Jonty Skrufff (Skrufff.com)

Mr. No from industrial-techno-rock band Motor chatted to Skrufff this week about their new album Unhuman and a particularly harsh review in Mixmag which labelled it 'less industrial techno more like 50 minutes of banging hard house' and insisted he wasn't upset.

"I thought it was hilarious." Mr. No laughed, "Obviously the guy who wrote that hasn't had a shag for years, I mean why did he write that article in the first place?"

Mixmag writer James Mowbray (the mag's managing editor and a fast-rising star in his own right as a minimal-ish tech DJ) twisted the knife still further, suggesting 'if this was on Tidy rather than Novamute most music snobs would turn their noses up at it; I'm turning my nose up at it anyway', prompting a further amused response from a definitely not annoyed at all Mr. No.

"I'm not too sensitive with articles like this in general and I like a good critic if it's fair, but that twat, ridiculous?," he said, "Who the f**k is he? Eddie Halliwell?"

The London based French rocker was vaguer about Unhuman's new direction ('we knew more or less where we were going but of course didn't know exactly how, it just developed as it came') and agreed they deliberately aimed for a new direction from last year's critically acclaimed debut album Klunk.

"What's the fun of re-creating?" he asked, "It's always more fun to create something new, otherwise it's like being ruled by your own rules."

He was a lot more forthcoming, however, about Motor's increasingly infamous rock & roll reputation, which they fine-tuned on the road with Nitzer Ebb last year.

"My most rock and roll moment was on the tour bus with Nitzer Ebb after three nights of non sleeping, speeding and rocking," he recalled.

"At one point I had to go for a piss while the bus was driving and when the bus is driving, rule number two is to sit down while you're pissing, and rule number one was not to shit EVER!

Well, after squeezing my last drop of wee and hoping for a relaxing fart, all the three days of alcohol, drugs, food, rock and party just came out my bum like the great falls of Niagara, the smell was so intense that I blocked my mouth from puking and I nearly passed out . . . Wow man, I don't know how I manage to get the clear-out on that one. I guess I'm a professional," he laughed.

Unhuman is out on Novamute shortly.

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