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international news _ 13th September, 2006

Motor Rev Up With Phil Kieran

Text by Jonty Skrufff (Skrufff.com)

Acclaimed electro-rockers Motor have announced theyre to release two tracks off their recent debut album "Klunk", '1X1' and 'King Of USA', remixed by Phil Kieran and Abe Duque respectively.

Bryan Black, the American half of the French-US duo learned his craft engineering for Prince at his Paisley Park studios in Minneapolis and chatting to Skrufff recently said the experience had taught him a lot.

It was incredibly hard work but it was also so inspiring working with Prince, itwas the hardest job Ive ever had but it taught me everything I know about producing music, he recalled.

He would perform shows at his Paisley Park studios and invite around a hundred people from the city, theyd select people from downtown clubs in Minneapolis to come to an after-party to see Prince play at 3 in the morning and hed play for three or four hours, for free, he recalled.

He just enjoyed performing and wed do that virtually every day of the week. So Id be doing my day job then staying there all night for the gigs. At one point Prince gave me a pager and he might page me in the middle of the night to run up to the studio. I did that for about six months. Though it was incredibly hard it was also so inspiring working with Prince. But I was focused on making music for myself so after a while I decided to learn what I could then have a go myself, he said.

'1X1'/ 'King of USA' is out on Novamute on October 16.

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