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We Are The Night

international news _ 13th April, 2007

More Light On We Are The Night

Text by Len Iima (HigherFrequency)

More details have been released for The Chemical Brother's 6th album "We Are The Night". The latest will offer twelve tracks with many featuring artists like new rave sensations The Klaxons, funky punk Ali Love, alt rocker's Midlake, folky Willy Mason and Hip Hopster Fatlip (from The Pharcyde).

All these artists and sounds were recorded in an apparently 'bomb proof' bunker somewhere in South London. That aside, the Brothers are once again rewriting the books on Electronica with the new album being described as psychedelic warehouse party acid music according to their website.

In addition to the new album, The Chemical Brothers have added the Glastonbury Festival to their list of dates and will be headlining the Other stage.

"We Are The Night" is set to be released on June 19th. The first single 'Do It Again' featuring Ali Love will be out shortly (no date has been confirmed).

01. No Path To Follow
02. We Are The Night
03. All Rights Reserved (Featuring The Klaxons)
04. Saturate
05. Do It Again (Featuring Ali Love)
06. Das Spiegel
07. The Salmon Dance (Featuring Fatlip)
08. Burst Generator
09. A Modern Midnight Conversation
10. Battle Scars (Featuring Willy Mason)
11. Harpoons
12. The Pills Won't Help You Now (Featuring Midlake)

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