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Simon Dunmore

international news _ 5th April, 2007

Asia Becomes Defected

Text by Len Iima (HigherFrequency)

The mastermind behind Defected will be packing his bags and traveling throughout Asia. Simon Dunmore, who established this label with colleague Janet Bell in 1999 has continued to play out regularly as well as recruit some of the greatest DJ/Producers in the industry.

Simon Dunmore will be headlining five shows in five different countries (basically) in about one week. From Bangkok to Tokyo, he’ll be hitting every major city.

06 April (Fri) Defected In the House
Bed Supper Club, Bangkok
DJs : Simon Dunmore

07 April (Sat) Defected In the House
Attica, Shanghai
DJs : Simon Dunmore

11 April (Wed) DJ Date
Velour Lounge, Tokyo
DJs : Simon Dunmore

13 April (Fri) Defected In the House
Zouk, Singapore
DJs : Simon Dunmore

14 April (Sat) Defected in the House
Dragon I, Hong Kong
DJs : Simon Dunmore

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