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Pet Shop Boys

international news _ Jonty Skrufff _ 11th April 2005

Pet Shop Boy Crusades Against Tony Blair

Chris Lowe from the Pet Shop Boys chatted to Skrufff this week about Britain's upcoming general election and declared 'I am voting LibDem'.

"There's no alternative," the usually press-shy superstar producer explained, "I hate Tony Blair."

Chatting to Skrufff 12 months ago, Chris admitted that despite usually disliking pop figures discussing politics, he was so disillusioned with Blair and his role in the War on Iraq that he felt obliged to speak out.

"I think it's terrible not to have any faith in your leaders, and I haven't got any in ours," said Chris.

"When you can't trust your Prime Minister what kind of country are you living in? I don't how you resolve that; if the person doesn't admit that he's misled the country and resigns, then what are you supposed to do?" (Jonty Skrufff/Skrufff.com)

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