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international news _ Jonty Skrufff _ 4th April 2005

Things Only Get Better For Fatboy Slim

Britain's Labour party are to use U2's Beautiful Day as their upcoming election campaign theme song some six months after they enraged Fatboy Slim by playing his 'Right Here, Right Now track at their annual party conference without permission.

Days after the event Cook launched a lacerating assault against Tony Blair, telling the Sunday Times 'it is best not to choose an anthem written by someone who openly opposes you - it doesn't look too good when you're electioneering."

"The use of the song implies that I support Blair; nothing could be further from the truth," he added. "The political voices I support are Tony Benn, Glenda Jackson and Ken Livingstone. People who are clearly left wing."

The Labour Party also played Cook's song Praise You at their 1999 conference, when Tony Blair marched onto the stage to deliver his speech, ironically prompting Independent newspaper columnist to brand the track fascistic.

"[It was] pure Fuhrermusik," she wrote (apparently in response to its chorus "I have to praise you like I should"), "Leni Riefenstahl was there in spirit." (BBC).

In more political music news, the Standard revealed that Britain's even more right wing party the Conservatives are planning to use Elvis' 'A Little Less Conversation, A Little More Action' for their own upcoming campaign though, as the tabloid pointed out, since Elvis is dead 'he can hardly object'. (Jonty Skrufff/Skrufff.com)

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