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Wally Lopez 108 : Wally Lopez Interview with Jonty Skrufff
"I'm not a fan of VIP places or VIP parties and I haven't had the opportunity to meet any of those people. I'm quite normal." Chatting down the line from his Ibiza home, Pacha's in-house producer... (more)
Westbam 119 : Westbam Interview
Over twenty years in the business have taught Maximilian Lenz one thing - every artist, no matter how famous, at some point has to come to terms with the reality that, in his own words... (more)
Will Saul 020 : Will Saul Interview
Will Saul, boss of Simple Records, DJ, producer, remixer and Fabric regular, met up with Higher-Frequency for a chat about what's going on in the UK breakbeat scene after his.... (more)