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Sander Kleinenberg 052 : Sander Kleinenberg Interview
In a top ten list of places to grow up where you'd be forced to make your own entertainment, the provincial east Netherlands might well feature. There and south Birmingham... (more)
Sasse 147 : Sasse Interview with Jonty Skrufff
7 years after he moved to Berlin, Finnish producer/ DJ/ label chief Sasse is one of Germany andthe world's highest rated electro-disco names .... (more)
Sharam Jey 91 : Sharam Jey Interview with Jonty Skrufff
With a 10 year career that includes over fifty releases, remixes and assorted productions, German producer Sharam Jey is both experienced and established though it's only now that he's decided to release... (more)
Slam 111 : Slam Interview with Jonty Skrufff
As well as being one half of legendary tech-house duo Slam, Orde Meikle also continues to co-run Soma Records, one of the most credible and important labels in the story of dance culture... (more)
Space Cowboy 96 : Space Cowboy Interview
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Melt! Festival 201 : Stephan Lehmkuhl Interveiw
July saw the tenth installment of the Melt! Festival, about an hour outside Berlin. An amazingly friendly festival, it had a really varied mix ... (more)
Steve Angello 124 : Steve Angello Interview with Jonty Skrufff
23 year old Swedish/ Greek house star Steve Angello has already enjoyed a meteoric rise up the DJ pole, and now that he's hosting his own new monthly night at Ministry Of Sound... (more)
Superpitcher 140 : Steve Bug
If your grandmother was right about one thing it was that you are only as good as the friends you keep. Keeping that in mind while you have a look through Steve Bug's phonebook at.... (more)
Superpitcher 141 : Steve Beckett
There is no such thing as IDM! I don't associate with that term. Music is the rhythm of life, but has no actual intelligence... it's music!.... (more)
Steve Porter 106 : Steve Porter Interview in Tokyo
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Steve Porter 072 : Steve Porter Interview
Celebrating the US release of 'Balance 007' , Miami 2005 gave Higher-Frequency the chance to catch up with the Fade founder Chris Fortier and label mainstay Steve Porter for an exclusive... (more)
Steve Lawler 97 : Steve Lawler Interview with Jonty Skrufff
"I love all kinds of music and I'm an avid collector ranging from rock, drum & bass, ambient, jazz; literally everything, though I've shied away from a lot of the big guitar led house records, because... (more)
Stewart Walker 193 : Stewart Walker R Interview
From the beginning, Stewart Walker decided to stand out from the crowds. After ditching the guitar, and unlike most opted for a synthesizer and not a ... (more)
Stewart Walker 032 : Stewart Walker Interview
American techno producer Stewart Walker grew up in Atlanta, Georgia and has lived in various places throughout the U.S. In 1999, he received critical acclaim for his release "Stabiles" released by Force Inc... (more)
Sub Space & Elektrable 106 : Sub Space Interview
Intrigued as a child by the existence of alien abductions, these occurrences now spur the matured Jeff Mills into thoughts and dreams of a reality where we are but a single race of humans not... (more)
Superpitcher 135 : Superpitcher
The German techno scene, Frank Muller once lamented to us, is "criminally underrated"- despondent words from one of its chief architects, but ones that hardly play out when it comes to the snowballing... (more)
Swayzak 036 : Swayzak Interview
Swayzak consists of James Taylor and David "Brun" Brown, one of the driving forces in electronic music from the U.K. Through their releases on !k7, they've skyrocketed to international recognition... (more)
Sweet n Candy 199 : Sweet 'n Candy Interveiw
Rico Henschel has become an undergound superstar with his brand of minimal, tech house in a very short time. His first big break cam when his track ... (more)