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Steve Porter

Celebrating the US release of 'Balance 007' , Miami 2005 gave Higher-Frequency the chance to catch up with the Fade founder Chris Fortier and label mainstay Steve Porter for an exclusive chat about where they are and what's in store.

Fortier started Fade in 1995 to push himself as a producer in his own right. With the further success of the label, Fortier discovered the young DJ prodigy Steve Porter, whom he signed and who while enhancing the reputation of the Fade Sound has found himself also a member of the big league playing alongside Sasha and Sanderklienenberg, and being played by almost everyone else. With both having residencies and endless tours across America and the world, we jumped at the chance to sit down with them for a few words.

> Interview & Photo : Matt Cheetham (HigherFrequency)


HigherFrequency (HRFQ) : So Hows it going on Miami ?

Steve Porter : Great great, it's like my sixth time down here, and it just seems that every year it get's more and more epic. Every year I come down, it's crazy. This year especially, because, we have a party, a showcase party and an album coming out this year.

HRFQ : Home ground ?

Steve : Yeah, homeground, so, yeah it is a particularly epic Miami, this year.

HRFQ : So would you say this is the best Miami so far for you ?

Steve : I think professionally, definitely, I mean the first couple of times down here you are just 'peddling your trade'. You try to get out and meet as many people as possible, but now at this point I have direction and I know people. So it all comes down to your output and what you are putting on the turn table. So yeah it's all coming together this year.

HRFQ : Do you think Miami is the most important date in the calender for dance music ?

Steve : Well I would describe Miami as the calender New Year for dance music. I find it's a beginning, a New year, it's the dance music New Year's. The entire Year starts from this point, I guess thats the way I feel, and where I find myself.

HRFQ : What other events in the year are as important as Miami ?

Steve : mmmm...well, Love Parade in Europe, there is a Dance Music event in France that occurs.


Steve : Yes exactly.....thats another one, actually i have never gone to that one, erm.... Then there are the big gatherings, the Love Parade in Budapest, your talking about over a million people gathered together in a big square. Those are the things which really stand out for me, but I think for the most part, for me 'The Winter Music Conference' in Miami is definitely the key player, it is the beginning of it all.

HRFQ : So recently you released a new album 'Homegrown' tell us a little about that ?

Steve : It's a yearbook of sounds and colors, we put together a DJ mix compilation of our own material. It's a saturated market these days and so this production had come to a point where I thought it was time for me to put out a reflection of ...well, for me I am a DJ but also an expressive and artistic.

HRFQ : So you put it out on Chris's label ?

Steve : Yeah it's Chris's label, Fade Records, we are very pleased, the reviews have been very good, I didn't have that many high expectations for it, just because i listen to it in the bathroom,.......I just tried not to have any expectations for it, you know what I mean, but luckily it has been very well received so far.

HRFQ : So what plans have you got for the rest of the year ?

Steve : For me...honestly...it is finishing the tour for the album, hitting the international dates come summer, and after that starting work on my next original piece, which will be my next album. I think that's the course I am going to maintain. Right now I'm putting out remixes, one off remixes which I have time for between Monday and Friday, but when the summer is over it will be time for me to 'hit the books hard' with the new album. It's going to be busy.

Steve Porter Interview

HRFQ : What kind of ambitions do you have for the remixes is there anyone you would like to remix ?

Steve : Well I think it just comes out of the cold, the parts that you come across. If you feel that you can compliment, or really add something to the mix, it comes out of your creative intuition. If you feel like you are bursting with ideas then well that maybe exactly what it takes to push you towards taking on a remixes. But there are other times when it may be a sign for you to start some of your own stuff, and not use your ideas on remixes.

HRFQ : Have you ever turned any down ?

Steve : Yes I have, because of time issues, touring and time, but for the most part I take on 85% of the remixes I am offered.

HRFQ : Are there any tracks that you have thought, " That is too good, I cannot make that any better

Steve : Well yeah, there have been tracks, in the past which I didn't want to touch, I was just intimidated by it, but ultimately you just formulate, and you end up doing what you do. For me I just start putting the pen on paper, usually at the end of the day when it comes down to doing something I get it done.

HRFQ : You said you have got some international dates, so whats that a tour ?

Steve : Yeah it's a tour, I'm doing North American dates, but when June comes around I start doing, Europe, Asia, Australia, and maybe South Africa, a few dates lined up.

HRFQ : Are you going to Japan ?

Steve : I am going to Japan, yes, it's going to be occuring in mid July.

HRFQ : Oh ok, do you know which club you are playing at ?

Steve : Don't know, don't know yet, we just pluck it out of the lines where we are playing, we have a list of promoters and clubs and go from there.

HRFQ : Have you played there before ?

Steve : yeah once before, what's it called...w.w...

HRFQ : 'Womb'

Steve : Yeah it was called Womb, that was two years ago. It is exciting to go and travel around the world meet people who can kinda get with the music, so that for me is very self elevating.

HRFQ : It must be nice ??

Steve : It's awesome, it is a feeling that never really gets old, never get tired, long may it continue.

HRFQ : Which place are you looking forward to playing most ?

Steve : I really had a good time in Australia, Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, I'm looking forward to that, the people I met down there are just great people, not that they are superior to any other people, but I'm looking forward to it especially, because also it's such a long trip, a chance to get out across the world for a little bit,

HRFQ : So thanks a lot, just one last thing, if you could recommend the most essential thing to do in Miami, what would it be ?

Steve : The most essential thing to do in Miami other than WMC....mmm it's a difficult question.

HRFQ : Like the best event ?

Steve : The best event ? I would have to say, probably go to 'Space', the terrace 'Space' , it could be Lawler, could be Sander, could be Tenaglia, but I think that is a quintessential Miami experience, you go there and something always comes up, it's a sea of freaks, thats the beauty of it, go crazy.

HRFQ : Thanks a lot.

Steve : No, thanks for having me.

End of the interview

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