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Pako & Frederik 156 : Pako & Frederik Interview with Jonty Skrufff
“Apart from England there is probably not a single country in the world where club music is as mainstream as in Holland. Every year, for example, Dancevalley makes.... (more)
avus 179 : Paolo Mojo Interview in Tokyo
You may have heard his Heretic radioshow, you've definitely heard his prog stomping ·983·and now you're even ... (more)
Pascal F.E.O.S. 158 : Pascal F.E.O.S.Interview
It may be hard to believe but Pascal F.E.O.S. started his DJ career way back in 1984 when crowds were naive and disco and house music ruled the clubs. In the twenty something years .... (more)
Paul Jackson 121 : Paul Jackson Interview with Jonty Skrufff
UK producer / DJ Paul Jackson remains best known for his string of highly successful club singles on his friend Darren Emerson's label Underwater, though after a 12 month hiatus on... (more)
Paul Oakenfold 011 : Paul Oakenfold Interview
Following on from last year's national tour, the worlds highest paid DJ arrived back in Tokyo for his first appearance at Shibuya's Club Womb. He started as he meant to go on... (more)
Paul Van Dyk 118 : Paul Van Dyk Interview
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Karl Bartos 149 : Peter Hook Interview in Tokyo
magine doing a job you love for twenty-nine years and still going out and making a twat of yourself. Can't be bad - at least that's Peter Hook's irreverent take on his own career ... (more)
Pete Heller 122 : Pete Heller Interview with Jonty Skrufff
As one half of hugely respected deep house duo Farley & Heller, original acid house producer Pete Heller is well known for working with others, so it's unsurprising that for his new... (more)
Pete Tong 100 : Pete Tong Interview
"It's hard to find people that are actually prepared to do the traveling you do if they are not earning the same money as you are. I find so often now that I'm on my own or just with one person traveling... (more)
Steve Bug 138 : Petter Interview @ Miami 2006
You never know who (or what) you are going to find in the clubs of Miami during the Winter Music Conference. This year, while listening to the sounds of James Holden at the Cocoon party ... (more)
Petter 174 : Petter Interview in Tokyo
Petter Nordkvist reigns from that winter wonderland that can be found tucked snuggly between Finland and Norway. His music has been eminating from Scandinavia .... (more)
Phil Hartnoll 204 : Phil Hartnoll Interveiw
A man who needs no introduction, Phil Hartnoll is one of the founding fathers of modern music. After revolutionizing the electronica scene with ... (more)
Phil K 014 : Phil K Interview
For some reason certain artists seem to somehow connect with Japanese audiences, I don't know what it is but there's a small group of DJ's who come back time and time again... (more)
Phil Mison 035 : Phil Mison Interview
Phil Mison or perhaps better known by his recording name, Cantoma, is one of the UK's premier Chill out DJ's. One of the leaders of this small but eclectic group of DJ's he got his first break warming up... (more)
Plump DJs 025 : Plump DJs Interview
It doesn't seem so long ago that breakbeat's characteristically underground sound with its crunching cuts, bass-heavy drum-lines and feverishly devoted fans was about as far... (more)