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You never know who (or what) you are going to find in the clubs of Miami during the Winter Music Conference. This year, while listening to the sounds of James Holden at the Cocoon party, we were lucky enough to stumble across a young man by the name of Petter.

Like many up and coming new artists Petter too is from Sweden. Don't let this fool you into thinking that Petter is just another clone though because this couldn't be further from the truth. His debut release 'These Days' set dancefloors on fire and caught the attention of Border Community's James Holden who later commissioned the release of Petter's genre defying "Six Songs EP".

> Interview & Introduction : Nick Lawrence (HigherFrequency) _ Photo : The MFA


Higher Frequency (HRFQ) : Do you mind if we ask a few quick questions?

Petter : No problem.

HRFQ : This is a good recorder so don't worry we'll be able to hear you.

Petter : Ok then.

HRFQ : What is so important about coming to Miami for the Winter Music Conference?

Petter : For myself, maybe to reach an audience I haven't reached before but I mostly came to just have fun. Just to go on holiday and have a good time basically? I don't think Miami is that important really, it's like all places. If you make good music and get a good response then that is good enough.

HRFQ : What are you working on in the studio at the moment?

Petter : It's a new track coming out on Border Community in one or two months, James [Holden] is probably going to play it tonight. Other than that I'm in the studio everyday playing around and whatever comes out of it.

HRFQ : Are you touring a lot at the moment?

Petter : At the moment I am playing maybe three times a month, mostly Europe but actually from being in Miami I have met a lot of people actually interested in bringing me to America.

HRFQ: Will we see you in Japan anytime soon? You have a lot of fans

Petter: Really? I hope so. I'd love to come to Japan.

HRFQ: Have you been yet?

Petter: No. I was supposed to go in December but it never happened. But definitely a Japanese tour would be great.

End of the interview

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