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Former winner of Muzik magazine`s prestigious Bedroom Bedlam award (UK) Dave was voted 11th Best DJ in Japan in Loud Magazine in 2004. Past DJ residencies include for Global Underground @ Air, Spice! @ Yellow & Bubblegum @ Lakota (UK), but an evolving & boundary-pushing artist it is the current projects & residencies which define his sound. His 2 radio shows MYM & Maus Tokyo supported by killer guest mixes from the likes of Duplex 100, Cass & Mangan, Tomas Anderson & more, have been making big waves around the globe & helping propel the station Samurai.FM into the ranks of the best radio stations in the world.

Twomey's ability to pose in pictures that show his impressive "drunk face" & seamless selection and mixing ability has gone almost completely unnoticed (ha ha) by the world since he begun DJing in 1998. Fortunately for him a few countries - his last bastions of hope - Argentina, Russia, Indonesia, Chile, Germany, China, Paraguay & Japan still hold a special place for him in their usually urban, edgy hearts. In Tokyo Dave is resident DJ for Crossmountain Nights @ Womb & Real Grooves @ Yellow in support of guests such as Dominik Eulberg, John Tejada, Steve Bug, & Mathew Johnson. Dave also runs his own events YUK @ Yellow & his concept party KonZept Maus. Always keen to showcase the hottest new technology Dave performs using Serato Scratch Live, his G4 iBook & turntables.

  • MAY 2006 TOP 10
  • 01. Alex Medina - Float
  • 02. Shane Berry - From There - Unreleased
  • 03. hane Berry - Stella Prose - Unreleased
  • 04. Bruno Pronsato - The River (Sr. Replicante Sub Urban mix)
  • 05. 3 Channels - Lady Salata - Trapez 063
  • 06. Cosmic Sandwich - Man in a Box (Markese & Cosili rmx) - MBF 12020
  • 07. No Mad aka Alex Marta & Swat Squad - Buscandote - www.pulsewith.net
  • 08. Tigerskin - Le Knight - Deep In Rhythm 004
  • 09. Ricardo Villalobos - Lazer@present - Frisbee
  • 10. Ricardo Villalobos - Tempura - Frisbee