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01. Hiem : She's the One (CrosstownRebels)

The man of the moment, Mathew Jonson, transforms the uninspiring original with his Circles in Time remix: opening up with a soft pads which reminisce of Boards of Canada and combining with a funky digital guitar line, the track builds into a rocking peak time deep techno track. Mathew Jonson adds subtlety and depth with trademark synths and drops a massive deep bass-line post breakdown. Essential.

02. Arbutus : Moss Rocks EP (Arbutus)

Mathew Jonson confirms his techno man-of-the-moment status with '911, How can I help you?' A morphing electro bass line weaves through precision drum programming and trademark synth and pads transform the track into an epic dance floor work-out. The Mole offers up the slower bpm 'Touch', with its disco beat and acid groove.

03. Adam Johnson : Malk EP (Narita)

Adam Johnson returns for the first release on new imprint Narita with top quality dub techno sounds. Four Squares is my favourite combining floating melodies and a clicky electro rhythm section for a journey into techno soul. Traber will rock any dance floor and although Adam's sounds are never far away from his dub techno base, the quality in production and programming always shines through.

04. Miwon : Brother Mole EP (CityCentreOffices)

CCO come up trumps with this release by Miwon. Brother Mole is vocal electro pop with enough unexpected sounds to keep you interested. Jon Tejada's remix really sparkles: an old-school techno bass line beefs up the production and transforms the title track into a driving techno pop with acid overtones and pulsing rhythms. Spiralize twist and turns and the E.P. is completed with the trademark quality dub ambient sounds of CCO.

05. New Order : Acid House Mixes by 808 State (Rephlex)

Rephlex release 2 mixes of New Order classics originally recorded by 808 State live shows in the early days of acid house. The original 808 State team including A Guy Called Gerald and Graham Massey transport you back to the Hacienda with the "So Hot Mix" of Blue Monday and the "Acid House Mix" of Confusion. The remix of Confusion is the one that really kicks with the original vocals stripped out and the bass groove brought to the front of the mix. A reminder to all that quality music stands the test of time.

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Maxxrelax Profile

Max has been playing at outdoor festivals, clubs and fashion shows since 1997 including appearances with artists spanning a wide range of electronic music such as A Guy called Gerald (K7), Mike Maguire (Juno Reactor), Why Sheep? (Third-ear), Kaito (Kompakt), Eye (Boordoms), Infusion (Marine Parade), Circulation and the Space-djz (Novamute). He has been involved in organising events from free parties in the Black Mountains (Wales) to Sputnik (www.sputnik.ac) events at Club Air, Tokyo. After hooking up with the Tripster crew he has been involved in the Sputnik Magazine, Sputnik Beach and the legendary Psychedelic Garage (www.psychedlicgarage.com) warehouse parties in Tokyo.

During his DJ career, Max has played in countries spanning the globe including the UK, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Italy, South America, South East Asia and the US. Since the latter half of 2003, Max has been concentrating his time on music production, playing less regularly and trying in order to develop his skills in the studio. In light of this change in focus, he Djs much less regularly although Max still finds time to play at special events including the first Polish Techno Parade in Wrocklaw (Poland) (www.parade.pl) as well as events in Lisbon, Berlin and London in 2004. He will also be returning to his native Japan for a few gigs in and around the Tripster Bus (www.tripsters.net) and elsewhere in August 2004.

Max also runs a show on internet radio (www.samurai.fm) through which he showcases friends as well as artists he respects. Since starting the show, Max has showcases guest mixes from a variety of artists including MixmasterMorris, A Guy Called Gerald, Charles Webster, Chicken Lips, The Bays and Benbencula Records, as well as his own radio and club mixes.