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1. Nathan Fake: Dinamo E.P. (Traum)

Nathan Fake produces, without doubt, the track of the year to date with the 12-minute epic of "Dinamo" following hot on the heels of last years "The Sky was pink" on Border Community. From its fuzzy beginnings, the track progresses through a driving proto-techno groove and builds over a cleverly pitch-distorted riff into acid mayhem. On the flip, "Undoing the laces" is more predictable acid techno but "Coheed" is much more impressive, with Fake lending his vocals over signature melancholic pads somehow reminding us of Underworld at their best. This is a massive release from a producer for the future.

2. I'm Not a Gun: Sundays Will Never Change Remixes (CCO)

I'm Not A Gun is John Tejada and Takeshi Nishimoto's acoustic electronic project and this remix package sparkles. On the A-Side Tejada produces a killer remix of "Sundays will never change" adding deep bass pads and creating a driving tech-house track but managing to retain the intimate bass line and guitar elements. Dntel from the Postal Service strips down to the basic elements producing a minimal melancholic future classic. Polar offers a more conventional remix letting the guitar licks float over distorted hip-hop drums to complete this essential package.

3. AFX: Analord 4 (Rephlex)

Richard D. James somehow manages to conform to our expectations with the fourth instalment of analogue acid 12" releases. Head for the killer "Halibut Acid", warm analog pads and AFX melodies with a dirty acid line leading the way over jackin' rhythms. "Breathmarch" builds over similarly dark acid groove deep bass pads, whilst "Crying in your Face" introduces some seriously squelchy acid lines before dragging the listener into an ambient haze.

4. Ben Watt ft. Estelle and Baby Blak: Outspoken Part 1 (Buzzin Fly)

Ben Watt continues his run of quality house off his Buzzin' Fly imprint. On 'Pop a cap in yo ass', Estelle's spoken word urban storytelling juxtapositions with Ben Watt's classic '90's italo-house production to magical effect. On the flip, "Attack Attack Attack" is more classic house with Baby Blak on spoken word vocal duties. Buzzin' Fly continues to confirm its status as the premier UK-house label with this excellent release, on 'Pop a cap in yo ass' Estelle managing to threaten Mike Skinner of The Streets at his own game.

5. Rich Thair: Licktown E.P. (Simple)

Rich Thair (ex-Red Snapper) releases on the ever-impressive Simple records which continues to push forward its unique take on breaks. Thair manages to distinguish himself from other breaks producers with his use of live instrumentation. "Sharpstone" is my pick of the E.P., a simple dub bass line and guitar licks build with warm pads. On the flip, Sons of Slough provide a quality dubby tech-house remix of "I slip away".

- FEBRUARY 2005 -
- NOVEMBER 2004 -

Maxxrelax Profile

Max has been playing at outdoor festivals, clubs and fashion shows since 1997 including appearances with artists spanning a wide range of electronic music such as A Guy called Gerald (K7), Mike Maguire (Juno Reactor), Why Sheep? (Third-ear), Kaito (Kompakt), Eye (Boordoms), Infusion (Marine Parade), Circulation and the Space-djz (Novamute). He has been involved in organising events from free parties in the Black Mountains (Wales) to Sputnik (www.sputnik.ac) events at Club Air, Tokyo. After hooking up with the Tripster crew he has been involved in the Sputnik Magazine, Sputnik Beach and the legendary Psychedelic Garage (www.psychedlicgarage.com) warehouse parties in Tokyo.

During his DJ career, Max has played in countries spanning the globe including the UK, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Italy, South America, South East Asia and the US. Since the latter half of 2003, Max has been concentrating his time on music production, playing less regularly and trying in order to develop his skills in the studio. In light of this change in focus, he Djs much less regularly although Max still finds time to play at special events including the first Polish Techno Parade in Wrocklaw (Poland) (www.parade.pl) as well as events in Lisbon, Berlin and London in 2004. He will also be returning to his native Japan for a few gigs in and around the Tripster Bus (www.tripsters.net) and elsewhere in August 2004.

Max also runs a show on internet radio (www.samurai.fm) through which he showcases friends as well as artists he respects. Since starting the show, Max has showcases guest mixes from a variety of artists including MixmasterMorris, A Guy Called Gerald, Charles Webster, Chicken Lips, The Bays and Benbencula Records, as well as his own radio and club mixes.