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Uusitalo / Tulenkantaja

Uusitalo / Tulenkantaja

Label : Huume / Cat No. : HUUME07
Format : Original CD / Released : 12 May 2006
Style : Techno, IDM, Dub

Finnish literature surely ranks as one of the few universal interests, well perhaps not but that hasn't stopped Sasu Ripatti from dedicating an entire album to it. Ripatti shelved his Luomo and Vladislav Display aliases and opted for his Uusitalo guise to release these ten tracks inspired by his author father and radical literature reading grandmother. If you can't name one Finnish novel, or even speak the language there is something to be gained from listening to this techno art piece released on Uusitalo's label Huume.

'Paskaa Musaa' has been granted the honour of kicking off the proceedings and takes the role quite seriously with its abrasive bassline and bouncy rhythms occasionally broken by brief moments of ambience. The reins are ceremoniously passed next to 'Odottave Peto' which is the familiar face of a person you are meeting for the first time. The energetic drum patterns are at times reminiscent of this and similar to that, but always it's own.

While the first two tracks were underpinned by a robust beat, both 'Kalajuttuja' and 'Lumimies' see this full-bodied flavour brought to the forefront. Despite their similarities these two pieces have their differences, with 'Kalajuttuja' being defined by chocolaty undertones and 'Luminies' showing distinct signs of a citrus tang.

The break-beat stylings and stuttering sounds of 'Nokkonen Paivaunilla' offer a breather from the dancefloor orientation of the first half of the album while 'Uutta Verta Hangella' gets the blood pumping again with tough electro inspired elements toned down with a light spattering of synths that float off gently into the ethos.

What sounds like a muted warning siren signifies the start of 'Tulenkantaja' which is a track that for the majority seems like a soundtrack created for a foundry. What starts as a relatively downtempo affair builds up pace and sets things up nicely for the arrival of 'Tervatahroja'. Here, corrosive drum pads typify this more mechanical business end of the CD, a point that couldn't be clearer than during 'Misut Irti / Huutaa' despite its first few atmospheric seconds. Finally, 'Lasi Hajoaa' closes the door and waves goodbye with its dubby Sunday afternoon soundscape.

While Uusitalo communicates and thinks in a language many of us will never understand, his music is able to speak to us through various means. This album possesses an intangible quality uniquely belonging to the arts that for generations has lead people to utter the words, "I don't know art, but I know what I like". (Nick Lawrence : HigherFrequency)

01. Paskaa Musaa
02. Odottava Peto
03. Kalajuttuja
04. Lumimies
05. Nokkonen Paivaunilla
06. Uutta Verta Hangella
07. Tulenkantaja
08. Tervatahroja
09. Misut Irti / Huutaa
10. Lasi Hajoaa

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