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Nathan Fake / Drowning in a Sea of Love

Nathan Fake / Drowning in a Sea of Love

Label : Border Community / Cat No. : 10BCCD
Format : Original CD / Released : 20 March 2006
Style : Electronica, Downtempo

It was back in 2003 that we first heard from the twenty-something Englishman with the release of 'Outhouse' on James Holden's Border Community. Just one year later and he was changing the colour of skies worldwide with the phenomenally well received 'The Sky Was Pink'. Now, as we approach the middle of 2006 we are lucky enough to receive a treat to help alleviate the pains of a sapping summer season.

'Stops' is where everything starts for Nathan Fake's new album, "Drowning in a Sea of Love". Here Fake conjures up images from a childhood long past with the glockenspiel acting as his major tool. In a slightly less merry key, but with a great deal more emotion, is 'Grandfathered' which provides the first real hint of this albums true flavour, smells like 3 cups of peaceful reflection mixed thoroughly with two cups of joyful introspection.

As we head over to 'Charlie's House' handclaps and tambourines don't have us on our feet but reclining in our worn out arm chairs overcome by a feeling of warmth which floods up through the legs and rapidly into the chest. 'Bumblechord' does much to intensify these feelings of bliss with powerful chords and slow drawn out cymbals.

Time to crank up the pace a notch and no better way than with the poking and prodding beats of 'Superpositions'. Although it isn't long, exactly 58 seconds, until 'Bawsey' has us sinking back into our chairs disappearing among marshmallow like cushions all in a style that would make a young lady named Lucy and her diamonds very proud.

The drum kit is back in full swing for 'The Sky Was Pink' an emotive piece that should already be among the favourites in everyone's music collection, although most will probably be recalling Holden's less poignant version. Anyone who has ever watched a movie with a happy ending already knows just how 'You Are Here' sounds. This is the perfect soundtrack for anyone who has overcome adversity and wants to bask in the sheer relief.

'Falmer' demonstrates the power of noise more so than that of music, static and resonating sounds somehow managing to stir up emotion and feeling. The second last track, 'Long Sunny' is less music and more a tranquil dream of baby robot birds waking up in the warm morning sun and flying the nest for the first time, the mother's feelings of elation tinged with sadness.

All good albums should have a final song to sum up the musical experience the rest of the CD has been. 'Fell' is no exception with more warm fuzzies and plenty of beautiful images. The forty second break in the music provides the listener with a brief moment to insert their own feelings into the story. (Nick Lawrence : HigherFrequency)

01. Stops
02. Grandfathered
03. Charlie's House
04. Bumblechord
05. Superpositions
06. Bawsey
07. The Sky Was Pink
08. You Are Here
09. Falmer
10. Long Sunny
11. Fell

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