HigterFrequency DISK REVIEW




Label : NovaMute/ Cat No. : NoMu 120 CD
Format : Original CD / Released : 31st May, 2004
Style : Electro

Caroline Herve proves once again that her alter ego Miss Kittin is one feline to be taken seriously, and on closer inspection, with a serious pinch of salt. Listening to I com, Miss Kittin's latest album is like playing a game of pictionary; clever, interesting, surprising, sad but ultimately fucking funny!

This is Miss Kittin's first album length solo project since setting up NobodyLs bizzness in 2003; a label that would in her words ensure 'maximum freedom' in her work. Whether this implies negative sensibility towards previous collaborators is unlikely and really isn't the point; this is the lady after all who catapulted electroclash to new highs with the patently brilliant 'Silver Screen' in 2001 in conjunction with Felix Da Housecat. Soundtrack of Now, track 7 on the release was co-written with long time creative sidekick The Hacker, a track that carves a poignantly bleak edge into this dynamic offering. The Chicago mainstay L.A Williams sings dirty on Requiem 4 a hit (track 2).

It seems Miss Kittins decision to go it alone reflects a self assuredness that glimmers for the 59 minutes it takes to listen to I com; her vocals belaying the temptress, bitch, punk and whit beneath. As she eerily whispers among the drones of the title track, this is 'a new era of female interactive intuition'. You can't help but get the feeling Caroline Herve has now become a fully grown cat.

I com is a frenetic orgy of electrified monotone sex laced vocals, trashy guitars, acid quirks and satisfying digressions into cracking synthesized soundscapes that are distinctive, moody yet groovy. Once you get this little beauty inside your music player, make sure the repeat button is firmly depressed. (stuart holt)

  • Track-listing
  • 01. Professional Distortion
  • 02. Requiem For A Hit
  • 03. Happy Violentine
  • 04. Meet Sue Be She
  • 05. Kiss Factory
  • 06. Allergic
  • 07. Soundtrack Of Now
  • 08. Dub About Me
  • 09. Clone Me
  • 10. 3eme Sexe
  • 11. I come.com
  • 12. DJ C1 : Spiritual Man (Part 1)
  • 13. Neukolln 2