HigterFrequency DISK REVIEW




Label : Record Makers / P-Vine / Cat No. : REC-33
Format : Original CD / Released : 08/12/2006
Style : Experimental, Abstract, Techno

As part of Drexciya and Dopplereffekt Gerald Donald can often be found in the catalogues of labels like International Deejay Gigolo, Warp and Tresor. In fact his track ‘Z-Bozon’, which he produced while hanging out with his Dopplereffekt Friends, is set to appear as the opening track of Gigolo boss DJ Hell’s upcoming mix CD “Misch Masch vol. 3”. But for this new album under his Arpanet guise, Donald returns to Air's Record Makers label for more scientific madness.

Taking the name Arpanet from the progenitor of today’s internet, it isn’t hard to guess that on his second album Donald once again looks at music more scientifically, not solely in the naming of tracks like ‘Event Horizon’ and the “Inertial Frame” album tile itself, but also in his choice of futuristic synths, computerized samples and spaced out pads.

Arpanet fans, that’s the artist not the Internet’s father, will possibly be confused, confronted and bewildered by the amount of vocal tracks on “Inertial Frame”. While it could be considered a stretch to call it singing, Donald intones lyrics on numerous occasions for example the reticent tunes ‘Zero Volume’ and ‘Twin Paradox’ as well as the only infinitesimally more verbose ‘Event Horizon’ and ‘Gravitational Lense’.

Recently Arpanet’s ‘NTT DoCoMo’ was picked up by Laurent Garnier for his half of the “Kings Of Techno” compilation. While there is plenty of well produced music on “Inertial Frame” there aren’t many that would be immediately picked up for “techno” mix CDs. ‘Axis Of Rotation’. ‘Infinite Density’ and ‘No Boundry Condition’ are obvious exceptions however and most pieces on the album leave a lot of room for other artists to interpret them as they like into dancefloor ready remixes. The chilling vocals of ‘Twim Paradox’, one of the albums highlights, would sound especially good pumping out speaker stacks over a banging four-four beat. (Nick Lawrence : HigherFrequency)

01. Universe Oscillation
02. Grosvater Paradoxon
03. Axis Of Rotation
04. Infinite Density
05. Zero Volume
06. Twin Paradox
07. No Boundry Condition
08. Schwarzchild Radius
09. Event Horizon
10. Chandrasekhars Limit
11. Ergosphere
12. Lorentz Contraction
13. Gravitational Lense

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