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Tim Deluxe / Ego Death

Tim Deluxe / Ego Death

Release Date : 13/09/2006
Label : AT Records / Beat Records
Cat No. : BRC-157
Format : Original CD
Country : Japan / UK
Style : House

As Mr. Deluxe confesses his latest album “Ego Death” is a more grown up affair than his previous outing “The Little Ginger Kid Club” as both the difference in titles and content suggest. This shift in direction has been welcomed by some of the biggest DJs with the limited release off the album ‘Espoo’s Rose’ being spotted in the record crates of both Sasha and Laurent Garnier. (Nick Lawrence : HigherFrequency)

01. Egodeath
02. Rubber Seduction
03. U Got Tha Touch
04. Let The Beats Roll
05. I Don't Care
06. Blotter
07. Little Dream
08. D.O.A.
09. 6 of 1
10. Espoo's Rose

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