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Kaito / Hundred Million Love Years

Kaito / Hundred Million Love Years

Release Date : 26/09/2006
Label : Kompakt
Cat No. : KOMPAKTCD053
Format : Original CD
Country : Germany / Japan
Style : Ambient

Japan's Hiroshi Watanabe is currently preparing for the release of his fourth artist album on Michael Mayer's Kompakt label. Watanabe once again borrows his infant sonís name, Kaito, for the new album "Hundred Million Love Years". For many, this title will sound familiar to his recently released CD "Hundred Million Light Years" and that is because of a very good reason. Much Like the relationship between his first and second albums "Special Life" and "Special Love", his newest album is a rework of its predecessor minus the percussion and beats. This helps Kaito to create a more melodic and dreamy atmosphere when compared to the inspiration album "Hundred Million Light Years". (Nick Lawrence : HigherFrequency)

01. Color Of Feels
02. Hundred Million Light Year
03. Nobody Could Be Alone
04. We Were Born Here
05. Holding A Baby
06. Your Brilliant Flowers
07. The Universe
08. Soul Of Heart

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