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Dark Globe / Nostalgia For The Future

Dark Globe / Nostalgia For The Future

Release Date : 11/09/2006
Label : GU Music
Cat No. :
Format : Original CD
Country : UK
Style : Breaks, Progressive

Dark Globe's Matt Frost and Pete Diggens proudly present the latest artist album from the label that recently brought us Lostep's debut album "Because We Can". Listen out for the vocals of 80's pop idol Boy George who obviously took some time out from his court enforced community service to record with the boys. (Nick Lawrence : HigherFrequency)

01. Break My World feat. Amanda Ghost
02. Future's Coming feat. Silja
03. Far Leys
04. Atoms feat. Boy George
05. Fever Electric
06. Feed feat. Amanda Ghost
07. Stray Birds
08. For Raymond feat. Julie Thompson
09. Speak In Colours
10. Nostalgia For The Future
11. Everybody Fades feat. Imogen Andrews & Tom Verlaine
12. Shards

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