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Carl Craig / From The Vault

Carl Craig / From The Vault

Release Date : 08/09/2006
Label : Planet E / sound scape
Cat No. : PEJPCD001
Format : Compilation CD
Country : Japan
Style : Techno

Second wave Detroit main man Carl Craig dishes up a collection of classics produced under various guises and group projects. There is 'Bug In The Bass Bin' which was produced as Innerzone Orchestra and 'Jam The Box' which was released under the name 69. (Nick Lawrence : HigherFrequency)

01. Angel (Japanese Mix)
02. As Time Goes By (Sitting Under A Tree)
03. Bug In The Bass Bin
04. At Les
05. Domina
06. Demented (Or Just Crazy)
07. Hush Hush
08. Slam Dance (Craig)
09. Good Girls
10. Jam The Box
11. Stars

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