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Basement Jaxx / Crazy Itch Radio

Basement Jaxx / Crazy Itch Radio

Release Date : 06/09/2006
Label : Beggars Japan / Warner Music
Cat No. : WPCB10002
Format : Original CD
Country : Japan / UK
Style : House, Breakbeat

"Crazy Itch Radio" contains 14 tracks no doubt designed to bore into your skull and get trapped in the deep recesses of your brain. 'Hush Boy' is the first single off the album which already has men, women and children of all ages humming along uncontrollably. (Nick Lawrence : HigherFrequency)

01. Intro
02. Hush Boy
03. Zoomalude
04. Take Me back To Your House
05. Hey You
06. On The Train
07. Run 4 Cover
08. Skillalude
09. Smoke Bubbles
10. Lights Go Down
11. Into Reprise
12. Everybody
13. Keep Keep On
14. U R On My Mind

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