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Optimo / Walkabout

Optimo / Walkabout

Release Date : 18/11/2006
Label : Endless Flight / mule musiq
Cat No. : MUEF1
Format : Mix CD
Country : Japan
Style : Minimal, Leftfield

Fresh off the back of their recent Japanese tour Scottish duo Optimo have signed up with one of Tokyo’s most upfront labels, Mule Musiq. The Mule office have sprouted a new sub label called Endless Flight and managed to persuade Optimo to get behind the decks for its debut release. The result is “Walkabout”, a journey of deep, twisted sounds stirred together with a sprinkling of leftfield looniness. You should remember hearing from JG Wilkes and JD Twitch in 2004 when they released the massive 2 CD mix “How To Kill The DJ” for Parisian imprint Kill The DJ Records. And if you are a resident of Glasgow then you may have had the pleasure of enjoying their Sunday night club-night called Optimo which in the past has featured lineups involving Michael Mayer, Isolee, Luciano, Chicks On Speed and Franz Ferdinand. (Nick Lawrence : HigherFrequency)

01. Throbbing Gristle / Walkabout
02. Grungerman / Grungerman
03. Panasonic / Hapatus
04. M. Perini / Electrofrogs
05. Like A Tim / Aibe Stracie
06. Lenny Dee & Nicolai Vorkapich / The Virus
07. Philus / Kuvio 3
08. Shane Berry / Fillertet 2
09. Boris / My Machine
10. Godsy / Razor Against Silk
11. Suicide / Radiation
12. Eventell and Metaboman / Control a Zoid
13. Thomas Brnkmann / Momomexico
14. 6k / Tighten
15. Marc Houle / Bay of Figs
16. Herbert / Moving Like A Train (Smith & Hack Remix)
17. Radio Sampling in Nagoya...
18. Black Dice / Manoman

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