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Black Strobe / A Remix Selection

Black Strobe / A Remix Selection

Release Date : 14/11/2006
Label : Playlouder Recordings / Beggars Japan
Cat No. : PLAYR17CDJ
Format : Best CD + Bonus Disc [Japan Only]
Country : Japan
Style : Electro

A selection of, you guessed it, remixes from the French duo of Black Strobe. Ivan Smagghe and Arnaud Rebotini demonstrate their remixing skills as they take on Bloc Party, Rammstein and even Depeche Mode. The Black Strobe remixes of 'Ghost Track' and 'Sister Saviour' that are included on the disc should already be imprinted in your brain from a couple of years ago. (Nick Lawrence : HigherFrequency)

01. Black Strobe / Shining Bright Star (Phones Industrial Version)
02. Tiefschwarz / Ghost Track (Black Strobe Remix)
03. Martini Bros / The Biggest Fan (Black Strobe Remix)
04. the Rapture / Sister Saviour (Black Strobe Remix)
05. Depeche Mode / Something To Do (Black Strobe Alternative Version)
06. Caretta, Hacker, Millimetric / Moscow Reisen (Black Strobe Remix)
07. Bloc Party / Like Eating Glass (Black Strobe Remix)
08. Dominatrix / Dominatrix Sleeps Tonight (Black Strobe Remix)
09. Rammstein / Keine Lust (Black Strobe Remix)
10. Sweet Light / Abusator (Black Strobe Remix)

Bonus Disc [Japan Only]
01. Black Strobe / Me And Madonna (Two Fairlight Bitches Remix)
02. Playgroup / Number 1 (Black Strobe Remix)
03. Black Strobe / Chemical Sweet Girl (Alter Ego Remix)

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